Do I need colour photographs for my application?
Yes, embassies now require colour photographs.
When do you need my visa application for lodging at the applicable Embassy?
We need to receive your application a day prior to lodging, however at certain embassies application can be made on the day of receipt provided they are received before 08:30 AM on the day.
When do you need my passport for lodging at the passport office?
We need your passport a minimum of 24 hours prior to lodging because we are required to book an appointment at the passport office.
Are the passport offices or Embassies open at weekends?
No, they only work on weekdays also many embassies close for International Public holidays throughout the year.
Can I track the return of my visa application?
Yes if it's sent overnight and we have advised the reference number and courier company visit these sites below: http://www.apc-overnight.com
Do I need to send my passport with my application?
Yes, the original passport is required as Embassies need both to check the identity of the applicant, and the visas are endorsed onto the pages of the passports.
Do I need to sign my visa/passport application form or can somebody else do this for me?
Applications forms must bear an original signature of the applicant as these may be check against the signature of the passport.
What happens if I don't send all my application details together?
This may cause a delay to your application being matched before quality checking, logging and despatching to the embassy.
Do I need to send payment with my application?  
If you are an existing account holder please advise your company name and location together with any order numbers. Non account holders please complete our processing form with credit card details and include with your application. If you wish to open an account please contact us at visas@atpi.com or complete the enclosed forms submitting the original to us by post to ATPI Visas, PO Box 73117, London, EC1P 1BE.

Download Application for Credit Card Account

Download Application for Invoice Account

Please note: For documents/payments sent by courier or delivered in person, please use the following address: ATPI Passport & Visas, Linen Court, 10 East Road, London, N1 6AD.
What time can I expect my application to be released from the embassy?
Most embassies work on strict collection times however busy periods or political situations are inevitable and may cause delays.
How long does my application take to be processed?
All embassies work in different ways with varying timescales - please contact us for details at visas@atpi.com or view the status of your current application using the link provided upon submission.
If I leave my application to the last minute will it be processed?
We will always endeavour to process your application within the permitted timescales however we are always subject to embassy / passport office approval. We would always recommend you book flights after obtaining visa to avoid any cancellation penalties for which ATPI Passport & Visas cannot be held responsible.
Can you arrange a meet and greet facility at UK airports?
Yes we can arrange this facility at short notice from any London airport, other UK airports we require 24 hours notice - please contact us for details visas@atpi.com

What would happen if my passport went missing when returned by overnight courier?
We have a track and trace facility but cannot accept liability for 3rd party carriers.
How much will my application cost?
Our charges are based upon the following:

Visa applications - Embassy fee, ATPI processing fee, queuing time, VAT, delivery & collection costs and 2% for credit card fees all of which are variable and subject to change 
Passport applications - Passport fee, ATPI processing fee, queuing time, VAT, delivery & collection costs and 2% for credit card fees all of which are variable and subject to change.

Do I need a valid passport to get a visa or can I use an expired passport?
As a general guide most countries require a valid passport which must be valid 6 months beyond your return date of travel.
How should I send my application to you?
We would recommend the use of next day secured carrier, direct courier, or visit us in person once the online application form is submitted. In certain circumstances ATPI Passport & Visas can also arrange for collection of your application from your location. Contact us for further details.
What if my application is refused by the embassy or passport office?
Very few applications are refused however rejections can happen due to individual circumstances. ATPI Passport & Visas will establish the cause of rejection and advise you of the reasons and any correction that maybe required.
Will ATPI Passport & Visas make any charge if my application is rejected?
Yes our processing fee applies per embassy visit.
Once my passport has been lodged at the embassy can it be retracted at short notice with or without the visa stamp?
In most cases this is at the embassies discretion; however we do work closely with embassy staff and are successful in the majority instances.

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