Visa Tips

When applying for visas, there are several aspects that should be taken into consideration. The most notable are as follows;

Has your passport sufficient validity or room for the visa and entry stamps to be endorsed?
Most countries require the passport to be valid for a period beyond the intended visit, and have at least a full page available for the visa. Please contact the Passport & Visa Department for fully detailed information but a general rule is six months validity and a full page.

Is the passport damaged in any way?
The most common damage to a passport is from water; visas can often be refused if the passport has wrinkled pages. Other common damage is pages coming away from the cover of the passport, or the laminate on the data page lifting. All of these may result in visas being declined, and often the only remedy is a new passport.

Have you allowed sufficient time for the visa to be issued?
Consulates and embassies often have strict processing procedures to issue visas, and may take several days to complete the process. Also, both UK holidays, and their own national holidays are observed. Some do have “express” services, but please allow as much time as possible to process any request, as cancellation of travel plans can often be expensive.

Other, more general tips to consider when applying for visas through ATPI  are;

  • Although copies of application forms may be accepted, they must bear the original signature of the applicant.
  • When more than one photograph is required, they should be identical.
  • Any questions on the form should be answered, using “Not Applicable” where necessary.
  • Any applicant should, unless under specific conditions, be residents of the United Kingdom in order to apply for visas in the UK. Schengen Territory countries (Western Europe) treat Scotland and England as two separate territories; residents of Scotland can only apply in Scotland, and vice versa.
  • When sending your application to ATPI , use a secure and track able carrier, and address the consignment to Passport & Visa Department. Avoid using the term Passport or Visa on the address label.
  • Please consider the security of sending card details for payment with the passport. In the unlikely event of your consignment going astray, this information could be misused. If you need to advise of these details please request we contact you upon receipt of your application.

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